Know Where to Go in Ocean Isle, NC

Shallotte River Swamp Park
Photo from their Facebook fan page.

I’m bored. It’s the bane of any vacation, but when you’ve got kiddos along with you, know where to go in Ocean Isle, NC. Here are some top picks for the area:

Shallotte River Swamp Park lets you explore, see and do, from the air, ground and even on the water. It’s a great place to burn some energy and learn about the environment.

When you’ve got the need for speed, zipline tours are the way to go. Soar through the swamp, above it all and see wildlife in its natural habitat! You’ll see deer, turkeys, raccoons, owls and wild boar while surrounded by impressive 100-year-old cypress trees. Each zipline tour lasts a little over 2 hours, with 10 stations, 3 bridges and more than a mile of zipline cable. 

The price is $79 a person, and group rates are available.


Adventure seekers young and old can accept the challenge at the Aerial Adventure Park. Three levels of difficulty and 53 different elements on this aerial course are designed to appeal to all of your adventurers, from age 4 and up. Each course is capped with a two-hour time limit, allowing all levels of fitness to explore, run or walk through the obstacles. Push your gang to their limits, and bring home memories to last a lifetime.

Children’s prices vary, starting at $22. Adult pricing is $49. Group rates are available.

Take it to the river on a Shallotte River Swamp tour. Gliding along the river, you’ll experience the natural beauty and thriving waterway ecosystem up close. Learn about the swamp’s history and some of its famous visitors, including George Washington in 1791! The boat tour lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Tickets are $29.99 each. Group rates are available.


The gentle waves of the ocean calling to you? Sign up for paddle board lessons. Lola’s Olas is in the area, as is Paddle Mentor.  You’ll find out how to climb aboard, stay up and paddle, with techniques designed to move and challenge you. For all fitness levels and ages, there’s no better way to experience the ocean than while you’re on it.

Lessons are approximately $50/each.

Hit a few at the local mini-golf outlets.  River Country Mini Golf is in the immediate area, and takes you back to a time when putt-putt offered giant animals and little houses. Reviews say the course is easy, but everyone always seems to come back with a smile. Ocean Isle Mini Golf is very close, and right across from the ocean. When the sun gets hot, this course is shady and cool, offering a little reprieve from the heat.  


Some days are made for arcades. The Breakers Arcade offers a good mix of old-school games like Pac-Man and Galaga, pool and ski-ball. The ice cream and pizza make for a great low-key evening and it’s a fun place for all ages. Most games take quarters.

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